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UH-600R Ultrasonic Humidifier With Self Rotating Head

UH-6202 Cold/Warm Ultrasonic Humidifier plus Ionizer, with remote control

Ultrasonic Humidifier UH-600R

* Patented Mechanical controlled with self rotating mist outlet 

* Elliminate the “Mushroom” cloud on ultrasonic type humidifier, spread the mist much more broad omni directional 

* Advanced noise control design, super quiet operation 

* Humidity control via emit volumn 

* Coloring night light * Adjustable operating modes 

* Automatic safety shutoff with light alert when water runs out 

* No filters, bulbs, or wicks, no filter to replace/clean 

* 1 Gallon water tank

A super quiet, programmable, cool and warm mist humidifier with remote control and timer, and, an intake air filter and Ceramic Anti-Microbial filter to softer Water with hard minerals

Key Benefits

·             Improve indoor air quality by creating a fresh, clean and humid environment.

·             Keep a comfortable humidity level in your home or office all year long.

·             Prevents allergens, dust particles, mould, mildew and bacteria build up by adding humidity to the room.

·             Replace moisture taken away by heating systems, furnaces and dry weather, at the same time avoid static problems, dry skin, and saves energy.

·             Easy to use with a remote control, three programmable operating mode and a timer.

Key Features

·             Ultrasonic (Super Quiet Operation)

NatureSpirit UH-6202 uses the ultrasonic high frequency oscillator to break up water into tiny mist particles with diameter of 1-5 Fm. The ventilation system blows out those mists into the dry air where they are evaporated to give the desired humidity.

No Fan, Super Quiet, Cool Mist, you can sleep well when it is working hard for your health.

·             Ionizer (Ionic Air Purifier)

NatureSpirit UH-6202 has a build-in ionizer, which will neutralize the electrostatic charges with release of negative ions. Abundant anion promotes cellular metabolism, purifies the air and removes allergens and dust particles, also prevent bacteria build up.

The Ionizing function can be turned on or off.

·             Humidity Level Control

NatureSpirit UH-6202 has a programmable humidity level control. You can preset the humidity level to 40% - 90% according to your preference. The humidifier will automatically start evaporation when the actual humidity level is lower than the preset value and automatically stop evaporation when the humidity level reaches the setting. This will keep the room always at the same comfortable humidity level.

·             Three Mist Levels Control

NatureSpirit UH-6202 can be used in three programmable operating levels to change the mist output volumes.

·             Hourly Timer

NatureSpirit UH-6202 comes with a hourly timer for you to control the amount of time you would like the humidifier to work. The humidifier will automatically shutoff when times out.

·             Low Maintenance

(No filters, bulbs, or wicks to replace, Save Money)

NatureSpirit UH-6202 uses no filters, no bulbs or wicks. It would save you money and time without needing to replace them.

·             Remote Control and LCD Display

NatureSpirit UH-6202 comes with a convenient remote control and LCD Display. The big LCD display makes the setting easy. It also shows information about current humidity level, preset humidity level, current operating mode, etc. These features make this deluxe model humidifier very user friendly.

·             Automatic Shutoff

NatureSpirit UH-6202 will automatically shutoff when water runs out which is a cool safety feature.

·             1 Gallon tank, Maximum 395ml/h Evaporation Rate

NatureSpirit UH-6202 has a 1 Gallon tank, which could continue evaporate for about 12 hours. The 380ml/h evaporation rate make it fast to reach the desired humidity level.


Volume : 4L

Power : 38W

Voltage : 120V

Frequency: 60 Hz

Evaporation: <=395 ml/H

Noise Level: 35 dB

Dimension: 30.5x30x31cm




This humidifier comes with one-year limited Warranty.

Pricing (shipping included for 48 continental states, Alaska and Hawaii $15 extra , Texas residents add 8.25% sale's tax)

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